Piano Lessons Thunder Bay


Want to learn the piano? Coran’s Music offers piano lessons in Thunder Bay.  We have private lessons for ages 4 and up

We are pleased to also teach the Music for Young Children program. Debbie Coran has been teaching MYC for many years. We have added  new MYC teacher Jennifer Peel Rutledge and Samantha Stevenson.    Group classes for different age groups.   Click on the Music for Young Children link for more information.

Coran’s Music Education Centre provides private piano lessons & keyboard lessons for all ages.  Traditional piano methods are used as well as the option to use the Royal Conservatory of Music or the Conservatory Canada curriculum. We can prepare students for examinations if they so desire. We also offer pop music and familiar songs to enhance the piano lesson experience.

Lessons are paid monthly in advance.  You must give one month notice to discontinue your lessons.  Our lesson term runs September to June  Start anytime.

Lesson Price: $43/ 45 min Private Lesson        $32/30 min Private Lesson

Back this year “My First Piano Adventures”  class for ages  4 & 5 years  Parent or caregiver attends class with  child.  First Block starts Saturday Sept 17 to December 17.  Every Saturday afternoon for 14 weeks.  Includes beginner books and lessons.   $395.00 

Music for Young Children Classes   

$28.00 per weekly lesson (payable monthly in advance)        1 hour group class  max 6 children per class.         There is a one time  Registration Fee with MYC that includes, books, music bag, and other essentials needed for the program until the end of May.    This fee is $210 and payable at time of registration.   You will be invoiced monthly in advance for the lesson fees.

SUNSHINE 1 -ages 31/2 & 4  (JK level)

SUNBEAM 1 -ages 5 & 6


Our Teddy Bears help teach the children rhythms and puppet friends Buzz, Buddy and Mellow guide children on their music journey and instruction with singing, and ear training. Our child-centered curriculum includes stories, songs, and games to ensure that all children feel and achieve a high level of engagement and success. This class is not a keyboard class but prepares the children to move through the MYC curriculum.  Exploration of the keyboard begins in the next level Sunshine 1 for ages 31/2 & 4.  

$195 per block of 10 x 45 minute classes , includes an adorable back-pack, workbook, finger puppet, rhythm instrument and a whole lot of fun. 

For ages 2 & 3  Parent or caregiver attends class with child

There are 3 blocks of ten weeks that progress through the year. 

Block 1 Begins on September 17     Choose your class 10:00 am or 11:00 am 


Want to know more about lessons?      Fill out the form below and we will contact you  and answer any questions you may have.

Since the onset of  Covid 19 we do not have someone on the  front desk.  We take all payments online by credit card or by e-transfer. You can call 356-2076 or email us at info@coransmusic.com to book lessons or ask any questions.


At Coran’s Music there are no long term commitments. Our lessons are 45mins in length and you will have a designated spot each week!

Lesson Duration: 45min (once a week)
Lesson Price: $40/ Lesson (pay by the month)
Commitment: Minimum 2 Month
Canceling Must Give 1 Months notice